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Simple and sophisticated travel between San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Anguilla, BWI

Enjoying Anguilla's delights has never been easier than with Rainbow International Airlines air charter flights between San Juan and Anguilla. All flights take approximately 55 minutes each way and provide a seamless connection with United States mainland flights.

  • "I cannot recommend this outstanding service more enthusiastically‚Ķit was blissfully simple travel and fulfills an essential need."
    — Steven L. Seligman, owner BeachCourt Villa

  • "I flew Rainbow International Airlines from San Juan to Anguilla and am thrilled to report that every aspect of the process — from booking to AXA arrival — was sheer perfection."
    — Janine Edwards, Sales and Marketing Director, Sunset Homes

  • "Rainbow's late day departure, combined with no early check-in requirements, gave us close to a full day on the beach. A most relaxing and efficient way to travel."
    — Steven L. Seligman, owner BeachCourt Villa